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Antenna Digital Ventures Launches Starfan

Athens – Antenna Digital Ventures launched Starfan- a new Greek platform of personalized video wishes- establishing a new channel of digital communication. Through Starfan.gr users can choose Greek celebrities to share their message or wishes through a video, in the most quick and simple way. Singers, actors, presenters and athletes create and share personalized video gifts, helping the customers to please their beloved ones, often supporting good causes too.

Starfan, is the first Greek platform of personalized video gifts, which gives the opportunity to consumers, anywhere in the world, across all platforms, to select their favorite star, among a wide range of beloved personalities from Greek showbiz and sports and to share a message or a wish with a loved one.

Whatever the occasion may be – birthday, celebration, new job or just for fun– we all now have the opportunity to create our own unique videos that can sent to our loved ones via their favorite artists, singers, actors, reality stars and renowned athletes.

On Starfan you can choose among famous singers, talented actors, popular presenters, and well-known athletes, such as: Doretta Papadimitriou, Maria Solomou, Natalia Germanou, Thodoris Papaloukas, Nikos Vourliotis, Kalomira, Stan etc. Surprises do not stop here though. On Starfan.gr you can also find favorite icons participating in this new initiative to support charitable organizations, giving you the opportunity to share happiness for a good cause.

The process is simple:
1. Visit Starfan.gr
2. Select the star you want and share the message you’d like them to record.
3. The star will prepare the personalized video for you.
4. Starfan will then send the video to you, and you can share joy with whoever you want!

You’re just a few clicks away from the most fun, personalized and value-for-money gift that will make your beloved one’s smile. And in fact, you can give more smiles for a good cause, if you pick the artists who support Charity organizations, through Starfan.