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VICE GREECE Named DIGITAL MEDIUM OF THE YEAR and won 11 awards at the Digital Media (DIME) Awards 2021

Athens, November 2021 – Vice Greece, which started its activities in 2014 as part of the Joint Venture between VICE Media Group and ANTENNA Group -one of its biggest shareholders today-, swept the DIME 2021 awards and was named DIGITAL MEDIUM OF THE YEAR.

VICE Greece won a total of 11 DIME awards, including “Digital Medium of the Year”, 7 awards in the “Development & Management of Online Content” category and 3 in the “Crisis Publishing” category. The award ceremony was held on October 6th by Boussias, and VICE Greece also won 1 platinum, 2 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze award for its edgy and riveting reporting. The jury was comprised by 30 Digital Media professionals, publishers, developers and advertisers.

Since its launch VICE Greece has been awarded nationally and internationally with 19 awards for its groundbreaking storytelling, such as the Golden “Digital Media Award” for Best Original Reporting, for a fifth consecutive year, the Honorary Award from the “Reporter without Borders”, the “European Migration Media Report” for Best Online Reporting, the “Kinsale Shark Award” for Best News/Current Affairs/Factual International Promo, and many more.

The success of VICE Greece follows VICE News Tonight’s distinction at the EMMY awards, where it has won 5 awards in the “News & Documentary” category. VICE TV is America’s Most Emmy-Nominated Entertainment Cable Television Network. VICE Greece, as the VICE Media Group, focuses on reaching younger generations by creating and promoting international and local news, culture and lifestyle content on multiple platforms, such as television, internet and mobile.  The editorial and video stories produced daily by VICE Greece are consumed by approx. 1.6 million people per month throughout all platforms.

Marco Struecker, Managing Director SEE, VICE Media Group, commented: “I am enormously proud of the Greek VICE Team for winning eleven DIME Awards 2021. My colossal gratitude goes to the team especially for winning the Gold-Platinum DIME Award 2021 in the category “Best Original Reporting – Covid-19” for the TV Documentary “Αντιεμβολιαστές, Σκεπτικιστές και ο Κίνδυνος για την Ανοσία της Αγέλης”,  as well as for winning for the fifth time within eight years the Gold DIME Award 2021 in the category “Best Original Reporting” with the breath-taking TV Documentary “Η Βία στις Σχέσεις”, which both premiered on ANT1.  We will continue telling impactful and immersive stories to our Greek, as well as our global audience. Brace for impact…. the best is yet to come.”

The full list of VICE Greece’s DIME 2021 awards:

  • PLATINUM & GOLD AWARD for Best Original Reporting | Covid-19

Αντιεμβολιαστές, Σκεπτικιστές και ο Κίνδυνος για την Ανοσία της Αγέλης

(“Anti-vaxxers, Skeptics and the danger for the Herd Immunity”), (TV documentary)

  • GOLD AWARD for Best Original Reporting

Η Βία στις Σχέσεις

(“The violence in relationships”) (TV documentary)

  • SILVER AWARD for Best Investigative Reporting

Οι Κινέζοι της Golden Visa Κάνουν Ομαδικές Μηνύσεις στην Αθήνα

(“The Chinese of the Golden Visa are collectively suing in Athens”) (Editorial)

  • SILVER AWARD for Best International Reporting (Editorial)

Το Βαλκανικό Τρίγωνο της Κάνναβης

(“The Balkan triangle of cannabis”)

  • SILVER AWARD for Best Digital Video Reporting / Storytelling (TV Documentary)

Δυτική Αττική στο «Κόκκινο»

(“West Attica in red”)

  • SILVER AWARD for Best Photo Reporting / Storytelling (Editorial)

Σκοτάδι και Ελπίδα: Αυτοί οι Τοίχοι Ακροβατούν Ανάμεσα στο Παραλήρημα και τη Διαύγεια

(“Darkness and Hope: Those walls walk the line between delirium and clarity”)

  • SILVER AWARD for Best Long Form Content (Editorial)

Το Περιπετειώδες Οδοιπορικό μιας Ελληνίδας Δημοσιογράφου στην Τουρκία του Covid-19

(“The adventurous travelogue of a greek journalist in Turkey during Covid-19”)

  • SILVER AWARD for Best Good News Coverage | Covid-19 (TV Documentary)

Ισραήλ: Η Ζωή Μετά το Εμβόλιο

(“Israel: Life after the vaccine”)

  • BRONZE AWARD for Best Original Reporting (Editorial)

«Να Έρθεις σε Μένα, θα σου Βρω Δουλειά» – Γυναικολόγος Δικάζεται για Κατά Συρροή Ασέλγεια

(“Come to me and I’ll find you a job” – Gynecologist is being tried for repeated lechery”)

The full list of VICE Media Group’s EMMY awards:

  • Outstanding Newscast, VICE News Tonight
  • Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a Newscast, VICE News Tonight: American Uprising
  • Outstanding Feature Story in a Newsmagazine Investigations by VICE: Disgrace (Hulu)
  • Outstanding Short Feature Story in a Newscast, VICE News: The Kids Being Trained and Armed to Fight Mexican Cartels
  • Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction: News, The Brown & Black Presidential Forum, Vice: The 2020 Iowa Brown & Black Presidential Forum
  • SILVER AWARD για την κατηγορία Best Good News Coverage | Covid-19 (TV Documentary)
  • BRONZE AWARD για την κατηγορία Best Original Reporting (Editorial)